Last weekend I went on a course called Urban Tantra, it got me thinking about all the ‘Urban Tantric’ experiences I have had in the city, and there have been so many. So many unexpected moments where the energy suddenly soars and I have let go of everything and become lost in the cosmos or some other dimension in absolute bliss.

After thinking for sometime I realized I have a special magic Tantric temple which I visit from time to time. The energy of the place seems to have changed a bit lately, but  I certainly used to go to regularly and I have had so many incredible times there. I am going to describe it without naming it, mainly because I don’t want to write a review and I don’t have consent from the people who own the place, I just want to describe what it is, and some of the experiences I have had there.

Its in central London, and open almost 24 hours, it attracts people from all different cultures, backgrounds and many parts of society. When people go in they take off their clothes. Which I think is a wonderful way of breaking down the boundaries between us, without our clothes I think we lose a lot of our constructed identity and by doing this it creates an atmosphere, where  it is more easy for people to connect, and let go of judgements.  It is a naked sauna but it doesn’t just attract the people looking for quick hook ups and sex, although that is also an option there, it has a garden and outside space, as well as unlimited tea. For me this place feels like home. I feel safe comfortable and relaxed. It attracts a lot of Jamaicans, tourists, business men, older women, such a variety of people. I never go for sex, I always go with the intention to relax but I keep an open mind. This place to me feels safe, but also like it  has infinite opportunity, it allows me to enter a headspace of absolute freedom, the fact it doesn’t really close is one thing. It means I can let go without having to worry about when I need to leave. I find the more ‘tantric’ experiences happen  when I go to this place alone, I feel more free that way, if I go with friends I always feel like I need to look after them a bit, but by going alone it is just me and the universe and it nearly always creates an incredible scenario.

I want to describe some of them but its difficult to know where to start, So I will describe one which sticks out in my mind. I was lying in the large Jacuzzi getting a massage from my friend Micheal, he moved to my head and as I lay in the water, my body floating and suspended, I felt myself go into another world, completely relaxed, like everything that happened in that moment and from now on was ok, there was a pervy guy at the end of the Jacuzzi touching my feet,  but I felt so safe even that was perfect, where as in my usual state of mind I probably would have stopped that, but I knew Micheal was holding the space and would keep me safe, he gave me the most incredible healing because I allowed myself to relax and fully receive. I think thats where a lot of these magical/healing/energetic feelings come from, allowing yourself to be open and receptive enough to be in the moment and fully receive.

Another day I was there and thought about the fact I was quite horny, I then got chatting to this really sexy guy, I didn’t want to just sleep with him and had no intention of it, but we spent hours talking connecting, getting to know each other, and then ended up having the kind of connected sex that makes your head explode, it was beautiful, but its like at my tantric temple the universe provides in putting all the things in place needed to make the moment perfect.

One day me and my house mates at the time turned one of the back rooms into a beautiful palace, we took blankets, cushions, beautiful food, cutlery and plates, and people kind of became like staff one man guarded the door, another came and served, its strange how these unusual situations fall into place, in what externally looks like a seedy dodgy sex club, but to me it is so much more than that. I wrote a blog a long time ago about another experience I had at this place, I will try and find it to share. I am sure I will think of many more experiences I have had there. But I just wrote this blog to say I have an Urban Tantric Temple, and its my happy place, my magic space and I love it. I  have been going since I was 18 and I am now 26 I think the familiarity and the fact I have such a history with the place is what helps this space be so sacred to me. I have even taken my mum there. I have worked there as well as spent many happy times there, I even went alone there for my birthday last year and just let people know where I would be, it was so wonderful, the right people came along and the right moments. Its been several months since I was last there and writing this blog has made me keen to go back.

I think to have tantric experiences a tantric temple isn’t necessary, but I do think letting go of expectations and feeling safe which will then hopefully allow you to feel open is a very good place to start.