This week I had my first experience of the PandoraSpa, Todd and Skylar were people who I really wanted to meet, as I think the work they do is amazing, so I decided to go and experience this incredible Spa they have created and meet them at the same time

My first impressions were that the spa is absolutely beautiful, there is a real feeling of peace and tranquility from the moment I entered the space, although it is in the heart of London it feels quiet secluded and peaceful, a real escape from the urban city.

Todd and Ladrhyn were there and invited me to sit on the large comfortable sofa and drink some water, they explained the programmes to me in detail, I felt excited and eager to try it, the space is set up to create comfort, it is a real space for the customers to relax and let go and just be, it is a minimalist space creating, a fresh clean feeling, but also comfort and warmth from the soft furnishings and lovely people running the space.

The room for the Pandora spa experience is a beautiful clean set up, with beds, and machines, the beds are super comfy and adjustable, everything felt fresh and clean, and almost had a sciencey feel, I got the impression that the people who created this space and done a lot of research on the mind.

The first programme they put me on was one called Acid squirrel, it was visual, brilliant, fun. I saw beautiful geometric shapes, the music was great and I felt high. After coming off the programme I felt so relaxed, like I had connected with love, I felt gratitude and appreciation and just so much love. It was a nice space to be in. I had no real expectations but was impressed by just how much this experience brought me into the present moment.

The next thing I got to experience was the gong baths, in the middle of the main room, are many beautiful gongs, with a reclining chair in the middle. I enjoyed lying back on the chair, blindfolded (blindfold is optional) beautiful serene music played, I had no idea how much was the gongs or whether the music was coming through speakers too, all I knew is it was beautiful and it enveloped me, I felt myself literally bathed in the vibrations of these sounds, and by lying back blindfolded I felt myself surrender to the vibrations, I felt them through my body, shifting blockages and massaging and caressing the parts of me that needed healing. My mind was quiet (which is rare, I find meditation very difficult.) it felt so wonderful to really be able to let go for the first time in a long time. Again I felt so much gratitude for the opportunity to experience this.

When the sounds stopped I lay there, feeling the last of the vibrations which seemed to go on for quite some time. I slowly came back into the room. I loved how Todd and Ladrhyn were so attentive to my needs, making sure I had a soft fluffy blanket and water, I felt so well looked after, and that was wonderful as it meant I got to surrender and really feel the experience at a deep level. I felt that I could genuinely be able to sit in the space with whatever came up for me.

Todd talked me through some other Pandora Star sessions I could try. I went for one which released serotonin, melatonin and helped with memory and depression. it was a very different experience from Acid Squirrel. I had almost outer body experiences, I felt myself move up and down, I felt myself moving through other dimensions, seeing darkness in my subconscious and just letting it go, I didn’t always understand it but it wasn’t scary, it was just accepting it was there and letting it go. I found myself taking deep breathes, almost breathing in healing energy and breathing  out things I do not need. I felt I touched the tip of the iceberg and with more sessions like this I could really do some deep healing work.

I felt spaced out after that last session, a little emotional and strange. But very calm and very peaceful. After leaving the beautiful spa I got straight on the tube and experienced rush hour chaos to the full, (something I haven’t done for years, I hate it and avoid it.) But I found myself calmly accepting it and been in the moment, I was on a real high and felt great. The best part is there was no come down, I found my interactions with people after that full of love and generosity and kindness, it was like constant love, and gratitude was flowing through me and I loved who I was becoming as a person. New opportunities opened up that evening, I made new friends, new connections. I felt that I was much more open, and loving and therefore opportunities were opening up.

Since my experience at PandoraSpa.. close to 48 hours now. I have found my thoughts much clearer, I have had hardly any anxiety which is something I usually really suffer from, I have been in a positive good mood, I have had loads of energy, even getting up early to go to the gym and fitting so much into my day, and I have found I have a lot more love to give. It feels like something in my brain has been rewired. I am skeptical when it comes to a lot of things, but I genuinely think that Pandora Star can be so beneficial in so many ways, and when combined with other treatments and generally been in the energy at the spa can lead to phenomenal healing, and positive change in peoples life.

Much gratitude to the people at Pandora Spa and I will definitely be back for more.