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Since turning 18 and moving to London I have done a lot, the bdsm scene has been something I have constantly been learning from and evolved in. I have a degree in performing arts, have studied reiki and reflexology and have taken part in drama therapy and have helped run several healing spaces. I’ve travelled to many different countries and still continue to run workshops, teach, give healings/treatments and am currently studying to be a counsellor part time.

My back ground in performing arts is also relevant to the work I do now, I have a keen interest in ritual theatre, and taking short courses in drama therapy. I strongly believe that going back to past events and re-enacting them through role play in a safe contained space can treat trauma and blockages.

I travelled to Australia where I did a Vipassana meditation course, learning on a deeper level how the mind can be calmed through meditation and spiritual practise, something that I bring to my healing work.

I also run workshops on spanking and its healing affects and have partaken in many workshops including radical ecstasy by Dossie Easton in 2006. It was here I first learned how energy work could be used in BDSM.

Four years ago I was running a healing space with Seani Love, called the Camden tea house. In this central London space I helped facilitate workshops on BDSM, energy work and healing, as well as organising and teaching myself.

During a hook pull ritual in the Camden Tea House, I reconnected with Benjamin Robinson someone I have known for a while, but for the first time he introduced me to Reiki. Overwhelmed by the incredible treatment he gave me I decided to learn from him and get attuned myself. Over the next few years Benjamin trained me to level three Reiki (Master Level.) Through Reiki and Benjamin’s teachings I have learned a lot about energy, and began to combine it with spankings and domination, creating profound healing affects.

Over the past 8 years I have been taught a lot about bdsm, in London and Australia, I have also taught and run workshops myself. I was originally drawn to the bdsm scene at eighteen years old, and it didn’t take long to realise this was not just a place for fantasy, but also a place for exploring the darker aspects of human psyche. A place to allow the parts that we are conditioned by society to keep hidden, real parts of self that can be let out to play, be seen and be loved. This is where I believe some of the deepest healing can begin.

Emily Sarah

Emily Sarah